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Employability skills

Employability skills are, quite simply, skills which employers need in the workplace. Aside from the technical or job specific skills required for different jobs, there are a range of skills and qualities which employers have identified and agreed that are needed in order to  be successful in all jobs.

These skills and qualities are acquired through life experiences, education, learning, interests and hobbies and work.

Skill Description
Communication skills Can you speak and write well to communicate your thoughts? Do you listen to others and consider their point of view? Can you present information clearly so that others can understand?
Team working skills Can you plan and work with others to reach goals?
Problem solving skills  Do you find it easy to find solutions to problems? Do you use your imagination to come up with new ways of doing things?
Decision making skills Do you have the ability to make good decisions without hesitation? Do you have good judgement? Do you find it easy to make choices? Are you good at weighing up evidence and facts?
Leadership skills Do you have the ability to take personal responsibility and motivate others to achieve a goal? Can you take control of a situation and give guidance and direction?
Enterprise capability Are you innovative? Do you have an idea for a business? Do you have independence, energy and self-motivation? Do you have the ability to take risks and cope with change?
IT skills Are you good at working on computers? Do you feel comfortable using a range of software packages?
Creativity Do you have a strong imagination? Can you think up new ideas and new ways of doing things? Are you artistic?
Research and analysis skills Are you good at looking up and finding out information? Can you get to the important facts quickly and summarise information?
Confidence Are you outgoing? Can you speak, act or present in front of an audience? Are you quick to volunteer?
Organisational ability Are you organised? Can you cope with several tasks at once? Do you plan or arrange things sensibly and do things in a logical order?
Practical skills Are you good with your hands? Are you interested in how things work and can you fix things when they’re broken?
Physical strength Are you above average in physical strength, stamina and fitness?
Patience / Persistence Are you able to concentrate on a task for as long as it takes to get it done?
Interpersonal skills Do you have the qualities that show an ability to relate well to others, to accept and value others, particularly colleagues and customers?
Initiative Do you have the ability to act without constant supervision, to assess a situation and to recognise what needs to be done?
Adaptability / Flexibility Are you able to recognise when alternative action is needed? Are you able to adapt to change, without detracting from the overall aims of a project or situation?
Punctuality / Reliability Are you always on-time for meetings or appointments? Is it important to you that you stick to agreements or plans that you make? Can others depend on you to carry out a task that you have been set?