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We interviewed local employers about employability skills - find out what they said

Brighton and Hove is a small compact city with approximately 278,000 residents. It is a popular and creative city and an appealing place to live and work. There are many businesses serving its residents, students, visiting tourists and other businesses. If you love working with people and the public, if you have a passion for all things creative, cultural and digital, then this is the place to look for a job.

However, there are several other business sectors in Brighton and Hove, some that are growing and some that are shrinking. These growth business sectors are important to the success of the city and are where the jobs of the future will be (some that don’t even exist yet!).

The growing industries in Brighton and Hove are:

Sector Employees in this sector1 person = 1000 employees
Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering 2,000  2,000Advanced manufacturing and engineering people
Business and Financial Services 21,000 21,000 Business and financial services
Construction 4,000   roughly 4000 people work in this sector
Creative Digital and IT 9,000   9,000 Creative Digital and IT people
Health and Life Sciences 1,000    1,000 Health and Life Sciences people
Health and Social Care 18,000  18,000 people
Public Sector 24,000 24,000 Public sector people
Retail 18,000 18,000 people
Visitor Economy 18,000 18,000 people

Can you spot the service industries below?

What does in living in Brighton and Hove mean to you?

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