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Employment, setting up your own business and internships

Now, if you’re 18 years old already, getting a job doesn’t mean that you have to carry on learning at the same time, although it is always a good thing to do to help you move along your career pathway.

If you think you might need some more experience and to develop your skills a bit more before you can get that dream job, then you might want to consider work experience or an internship.

What is an internship?

A paid internship is usually a short-term period of employment aimed at providing you with professional skills and experience. It might be paid or unpaid. It is different from a work shadowing scheme where you only observe other people working, and different from volunteering where you choose to give up your time to help a cause or a company.

It is important to ensure that an internship works for both you and the employer so check out this guide to make sure you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Ready to start looking for your first job?

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Want to be your own boss?

Don’t fancy working for someone else? You might want to consider setting up your own business but make sure you take your time and work through the different stages first. It’s important to seek advice and the National Careers Service is a good starting point.