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Welcome to the BEACH teacher zone.

At the bottom of the landing page for each BEACH Hut (the first page you come to when you click on a Hut) you will find lesson plans, bite size activities, activity and resource sheets. These materials have been designed to support you to use BEACH as a teaching tool and they have been left as Word documents so that you may adapt them to suit your own requirements. The activity and resource sheets are referenced in the lesson plans or bite size activities.

There are links to the landing pages of each Hut at the bottom of this page.

Here is a key to the icons used to represent these materials on each of the landing pages.
Lesson-Plan  Lesson plan                     Bitesize-session  Bite size activity

Activity  Activity sheet                   Resource  Resource sheet

Hut 1        Hut 2        Hut 3        Hut 4        Hut 5        Hut 6        Hut 7        Hut 8 

Why not introduce BEACH to your students (or even other staff, parents or Governors) using this short film clip which tells the BEACH story.

Download a copy of the BEACH poster and flyer here to help you promote the website to students and parents.
If you would like a printed version please contact Rachel.Carter@brighton-hove.gov.uk